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Alton Towers launches 'new' TV advert

Resort News
Tuesday, 22nd March 2011 By Chris Bennett

Yesterday saw the first showing of the 2011 Alton Towers Resort advert. The advert aired on morning TV at approx 7.50am during ITV's Daybreak.

The 'Gleeks' among you will also have seen the advert shown during last night's extended Glee episode on E4.

You will be forgiven for thinking the advert seems familiar, as it is a tweaked version of their 2009 advert. With no major attraction to promote for 2011 and with the recent rebrand, Alton's theme is once again Escapism carrying the tag line, "Escape to Alton Towers". This year however sees a shift in focus from just the theme park to the resort as a whole which is evidenced by the two hotels, Waterpark, Extraordinary Golf and Spa shown more prominently on the new map than ever before.

The advert has the same opening and utilises some of the original Mutiny Bay and Sharkbait Reef footage. The middle of the advert has been reworked with footage of Oblivion and features the Imperial Suite at the Alton Towers Hotel together with a smiling and jubilant family.

Sharp eyed viewers will also spot Alton Towers' very own Katie Hicks, editor of the resorts weekly internal newsletter The Pulse, who can be seen in the advert riding Oblivion.

For those of you who haven't caught it on TV yet;

With just 3 days to go, the countdown to opening day of the main season continues.

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