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New Alton Towers site on the way

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Monday, 21st March 2011 By Chris Bennett

Marketing website The Drum is reporting that a new Alton Towers website is due to launch this week.

Disney and Gowalla announced a partnership earlier in the year that allows smartphone users to collect exclusive badges when 'checking-in' at Disney locations, and it looks like Alton Towers could be going for a similar idea with exclusive content. This follows on from earlier in the year when Facebook fans who checked in at the park gained free entry on the Friday before February Half Term week.

The article states: "Developed by Fuse8, the 'My Alton Towers' site will be launch[ed] to coincide with the theme park re-opening on 26 March and will include a game promoting TH13TEEN, allowing the user to collect badges and compete against the clock in order to escape the dark forest.

"The site includes exclusive content, and uses Facebook to allow users to socialise with other fans of the park around the world. By doing so, users can gain credits which can be exchanged for prizes, including discount entry for the park."

It's good to see Alton Towers embracing social media to appeal to their fans and it will be interesting to see what other ideas they come up with as the season progresses.

The 'My Alton Towers' site is expected to launch sometime this week, ready for the park opening on Saturday 26th March so keep an eye out for it!

Click here to see the original article from The Drum.

Source: The Drum

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