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SW6 decision expected next week

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Saturday, 7th February 2009 By Dan Ketteringham

A preliminary report has recommended that Alton Towers' 2010 coaster should go ahead.

The final decision will be made by district councillors at a planning meeting on Thursday.

The ride will apparently cost £12 million and will be a "world's first roller-coaster of its kind". Alton Towers hope to attract an extra 100,000 visitors with the new ride, codenamed Secret Weapon 6.

So far, 39 letters of objection have been submitted to the council, although it is likely many of these will have been motivated by Alton Towers' recent decision not to go ahead with a proposed relief road to help ease traffic through Alton village.

There have also been concerns raised over the environmental impact of the new coaster, which has led to a spokesman from the resort saying: "We take our responsibilities to the natural environment of Alton Towers very seriously.

"Our key objective was to provide a replacement roller coaster [for Corkscrew] that will have a minimum impact on its surroundings."

A preliminary report has concluded that there will be no noise nuisance to families and the council's trees and woodlands officer has not raised any objections.

The report states: "The Local Plan recognises that Alton Towers is a major national and international tourist attraction whose growth has brought important economic benefits to the area.

"It is considered, on balance, that the proposed development will not result in adverse intrusion at the peripheries of the site, and will not detract from the amenity of nearby residential properties."

Alton Towers management will be hoping that this positive endorsement will carry through to the final decision next week.

Source: The Sentinel

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