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Potential delay for new roller coaster

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Wednesday, 28th January 2009 By Dan Ketteringham

Plans to install a new coaster in 2010 may be delayed due to claims it may cover a historical site.

Jonathan Shepherd, a resident in the nearby Alton village, said he had been researching the area's history. He believes that an Iron Age hill fort may extend into the area where construction is due to take place on the new ride.

The local council started investigating after Mr Shepherd raised his concerns, and a council archaeologist is due to go to Alton Towers next week, to verify the legitimacy of his claims.

Alton Towers responded by saying that they were aware of the site, and had included that into their planning application. They added that the hill fort was nowhere near any planned or present rides, but at the opposite end of the proposed site, near the staff entrance.

This comes after other objections raised by locals to the new development - possibly influenced by lingering dissatisfaction over the resort's access road plans being shelved.

Source: BBC News

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