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New for '09: Sharkbait Reef

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Wednesday, 21st January 2009 By Dan Ketteringham

The names of the new Sea Life centre going into Mutiny Bay and the revamped Cred Street area have been released.

The Sea Life will officially be called Sharkbait Reef, while the new name for Cred Street is apparently going to be Cloud Cuckoo Land.

In addition, the cost of Sharkbait Reef has been officially released at £4 million - more than double the previously rumoured cost.

Tony Barlow, the displays curator, said that it will be "the best [Sea Life centre] in the country."

The main feature of the new attraction is a 10-metre acrylic walkthrough tunnel, which arrived on-site ready for installation yesterday. The new attraction is expected to open on the same day as the main 2009 season, on Saturday 28th March.

Fish destined for the aquarium are being held in Weymouth at the moment, and it is planned that they will be put into tanks at Alton Towers two weeks before the opening date.

Morwenna Angove, sales and marketing director for the resort, said: "Last year was a great one for us with the launch of Mutiny Bay, and Sharkbait Reef is going into that same area.

"Putting it in a recently invested area where we had some space was obvious, but Mutiny Bay is very much a family area and this adds to the park's family offerings.

"We're confident the attraction will delight our family audience, giving them an underwater adventure with the additional twist created through our exceptional pirate theme."

She then went on to add: "Research indicators show people aren't going abroad as much because of what is going on in the economy, but people will still want to go out with their family.

"We think we are ideally placed for that."

Source: The Sentinel

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