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Forums back online

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Friday, 16th January 2009 By Dan Ketteringham

We're pleased to say that our forums, having been unavailable for around two weeks, are now back online.

The downtime was due to us moving the forums to a new server, which unfortunately took longer than we'd anticipated.

As luck would have it - or not, in our case - during the time the forums were offline, we had some really exciting news in the shape of the plans for Corkscrew's replacement coaster being published. We couldn't really have timed it worse if we'd tried!

Fear not though, for the forums are now back up and running. Not only that, but we've given them a bit of a visual overhaul; gone is the default Invision Power Board skin, and in its place is a customised skin that reflects the look of the rest of the Almanac.

We've also added a couple of new avatar packs which members are free to use to customise their profiles.

For those of you who haven't visited us lately, or aren't a member yet, why not come and take a look? There's lots of discussion with the plans for SW6, as well as this year's upcoming Sea Life attraction. You can also share your experiences of trips to the resort with like-minded fans, and even come along with us on our annual 'ATA meet' trip to the park.

To get started, head on over to the forums. We look forward to seeing you there!

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