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Sky Ride reopens

Park News
Saturday, 19th April 2008 By Dan Ketteringham

Nearly six months since a fire partially destroyed one of the Sky Ride's stations, the aerial transport system has reopened.

The fire, which destroyed the roof of the Forbidden Valley station, happened towards the end of last year's Hallowe'en event, the Alton Towers Scarefest.

Thankfully, the ride had closed for the day; it doesn't operate in the evenings for safety reasons, and so there were no guests on the ride at the time of the fire. Very soon after the blaze, it became apparent that the cause was a halogen lamp used to illuminate the park's paths at night.

The ride remained closed as the new season started, with major repair work being done to the Forbidden Valley station, including a completely new roof.

The Sky Ride has been undergoing an exhaustive testing routine over the last few weeks to make sure it was ready to reopen.

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