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Rockin' Tug confirmed for Mutiny Bay

Park News
Wednesday, 5th December 2007 By Dan Ketteringham

Alton Towers have issued a press release containing more information on the new-for-08 developments.

The biggest news is that the second new ride to be installed in the Mutiny Bay area (formerly Merrie England) will be Heave Ho - a Rockin' Tug, an example of which can be found in the nearby park, Drayton Manor.

Also announced was that the total cost of the Mutiny Bay development would be £6 million, a significant amount when you consider Rita cost £8 million.

Other tidbits revealed were:

  • The new Battle Galleons ride will have 8 boats
  • Marauder's Mayhem will be themed around drunken barrels
  • Mutiny Bay will also have "live entertainment"
  • Two new pirate-themed suites will be opening in Splash Landings Hotel
Meanwhile, construction on park is continuing at a steady pace. The bare structure of the Battle Galleons station is now in place, along with most of the ride's footers. The base for one of the larger pieces of theming is also now in situ.

Have a read of our Mutiny Bay forums topic to see the full press release.

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