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End of the 2007 season

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Sunday, 11th November 2007 By Dan Ketteringham

The 2007 open season at Alton Towers has now come to an end.

However, the rest of the resort - the two hotels, the waterpark and Extraordinary Golf - will of course stay open throughout the winter months.

The park has been holding its Adrenalin Week event over the last seven days, to round out the season after the successful Halloween Scarefest event. As usual with Adrenalin Weeks, the queues have been extremely low throughout, making it the perfect time to ride and re-ride your favourite coasters.

The park will fully reopen on Saturday, 15th March 2008. Like this year, there will be a limited opening event in February half-term, called Half-Term Hullabaloo. Unlike this year, however, there have been no announcements about "Winter Weekends", so we can only assume there won't be any this time around.

Now the waiting begins…

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