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Rhythm & Rides is cancelled

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Wednesday, 22nd August 2007 By Dan Ketteringham

The concert that was due to take place this Sunday has been cancelled at the last minute.

Acts such as Lemar, Booty Luv and Andy Abraham were due to make an appearance at the concert which would also have let guests ride selected attractions until 9pm.

Alton Towers have issued the following statement about the event cancellation:

"We are very disappointed to announce the cancellation of the planned Rhythm and Rides event on Sunday 26th August, due to overwhelming contractual and production issues.

"However, we are delighted to confirm that every ticket booked through or the Alton Towers booking line will remain valid for theme park entry on the day, and in addition you will automatically receive a full refund to the card upon which the booking was originally made. This means that you can still come along and enjoy all the rides and attractions until 6pm.

"If you purchased tickets through one of the retail outlets set up by the promoters, please return to them for a cash refund. If you have proof of purchase, such as an original, clearly legible, date stamped receipt (pre-dating 17th August), please call 0870 999 0090 for information.

"For customers who booked hotel rooms at our on site hotels, who no longer wish to visit, no cancellation charges will apply if you call 0870 999 0090 to cancel your booking.

"We very much hope that if you were planning to visit us on the 26th, you will still come.

"NB: If you decide not to visit us on the 26th, and you have already booked a coach, please send us your booking details, which must pre-date 17th August, by post and we will endeavour to contact the company on your behalf to arrange for a refund. However, this is not a liability on our part and we do not guarantee any recompense. Postal address - Guest Services (R&R), Alton Towers, Alton, Staffordshire ST10 4DB."

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