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Rain, rain, go away

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Friday, 13th July 2007 By Dan Ketteringham

Fed up with the consistently poor weather of late, Alton Towers have resorted to drastic measures to try and improve the situation.

The theme park brought in Native-American brave Carlisle "Walks With The Feather" Antonio, to perform a cloud-chasing ceremony, in the hopes of bringing an end to the recent run of bad weather.

Mr Antonio, from South Dakota, wore his traditional regalia as he burnt tobacco and sage on a fire in front of one of the park's roller coasters. He also recited ceremonial chants.

This may be an extravagant publicity stunt, but Alton Towers' bosses will be hoping anything can help improve the so far dismal summer season, as a prolonged period of bad weather tends to affect theme parks' visitor numbers quite significantly.

The park's marketing manager, Rebecca Farrer, said: "Whilst Brits are used to a bit of summer rain, the last few weeks have really dampened people's spirits. Let's hope we'll all walk with sunshine very soon."


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