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Runaway Mine Train reopens

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Friday, 6th April 2007 By Dan Ketteringham

After eight and a half months, the Runaway Mine Train has finally reopened to the public.

The ride, which crashed in mid-July last year, has been closed ever since, while the Health and Safety Executive conducted an investigation into the accident. The train has also been completely refurbished by the manufacturer, Mack Rides.

The crash, which happened at a low speed, was deemed a "one-off" by the H&S investigation, and nobody was seriously hurt in the accident.

Fans of the ride will be happy to hear that it reopened shortly after 10:00 this morning - though the length of the train appears to have been significantly shortened.

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Smile and be very friendly with ride operators - they might even put the ride on a longer programme, and give you a free blowjob after ride.