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Ropers' High Court bid fails

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Friday, 23rd March 2007 By Dan Ketteringham

The High Court has refused to overturn the original ruling in the Roper v. Tussauds Theme Parks Ltd case.

Despite having won the original trial, and then fended off an Appeal by Alton Towers, Stephen and Suzanne Roper were still unhappy with the terms of the Noise Abatement Order that they managed to have applied to the park.

The couple attempted to get the High Court to overrule the original terms, and impose tighter restrictions on the resort. They claimed that the terms were "irrational" and that the court had "taken leave of its senses".

The Judge at the High Court hearing, Mr Justice Wilkie, rejected these claims and said that residents must expect some noise from the park. The crown court was, he said, justified in refusing to impose a "more exacting standard" on the park.

The legal action, which has been ongoing for over four years now, has cost Tussauds just under £500,000 according to Jonathan Caplan QC, their representative. The Ropers' legal costs are believed to be upward of £10,000.

The decision by the High Court means that Tussauds will now have to consider whether to go ahead with plans to Appeal against the Noise Abatement Order itself, also in the High Court - because, despite today's positive ruling, the order is still in place and restricts the park heavily.

Source: BBC News

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