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Adrenaline Week #1 begins

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Monday, 19th March 2007 By Dan Ketteringham

The first of several Adrenaline Weeks this year, where queues are small or non-existent, started today.

Unlike previous events of this nature, this time the whole park is open rather than just a selection of the best rides. Adrenaline Week is a great way to experience the rides Alton Towers have to offer, without all the boring queuing.

Guests are being promised that they will be able to ride Nemesis, Oblivion, Air and Rita at least three times a day, each - technical faults excepting - or they'll get a voucher to come back to the park for free. In addition to this, the person who rides those four 'coasters the most throughout the event will be awarded a lifetime pass to Alton Towers. Be warned, however: Nemesis has been quite temperamental over the last few days, breaking down quite frequently.

This Adrenaline Week is due to be repeated at the end of the season, and there have also been rumours of another one in June.

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You can park your ARSE for the day near the entrance for ý16 if necessary.