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Towers, Treats and Trails event begins

Park News
Saturday, 10th February 2007 By Dan Ketteringham

Alton Towers opens its doors to the public today for the first time in 2007, as the half-term event kicks off.

The two-week event is playing host to the Carters Steam Fair, which has travelled up from Berkshire for the first time to come to Alton Towers.

The event is mainly aimed at young children, with plenty of activities for kids, although Oblivion is also open to keep the older ones amused.

The good news for those who just want to appreciate the majestic grounds surrounding the house, is that entry to the event is free. The attractions are all pay-per-ride though, and this also applies to Annual Pass holders.

For more information on opening times and the full ride list, see our Special Events Diary.

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