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2007 attractions and events

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Tuesday, 6th February 2007 By Dan Ketteringham

The park have released some new information on the new-for-07 attractions, as well as the events scheduled this year.

Most attention is being focused on Old MacDonald's Farmyard this year. As well as opening for the upcoming event (Towers, Treats and Trails), it will see a new attraction installed as well as an update for an existing ride.

The new attraction in question is the Dung Heap adventure playground. As with everything in the Farmyard, the unusually-themed playground will be aimed at younger children. It will comprise of interactive play areas including: a spider 'Springy Cobweb Climbing zone', a 'Creepy Crawly Basharound', Toxic Bog 'Toadstool Boingupons' and a Mushroom maze. Also at the playground will be something called, wait for it, the Soil Albug Hall (groan). Here, the children will be able to join in the Bug Chorus, zip along on a silken zip wire, spring across a bog and become a conductor in the trash can symphony. Parents will be able to keep an eye on their little'uns from the trunk of a beanstalk.

The Riverbank Eye Spy will get its first update since being re-themed from the Canal Boat Ride in 1999. For those who haven't ridden it, the Eye Spy slowly travels on a circuit past several different cut-out animals, with guests able to press buttons in the boat that play corresponding animal noises. The 2D cut-out animals are being redone in 3D, in a similar style to the models seen around the Driving School attraction in Cred Street.

Another new attraction this year isn't so much a ride, but an 'experience' along a path connecting Gloomy Wood and Forbidden Valley, called Haunted Hollow. Fitting in with Gloomy Wood's theme, the path will feature Gothic tombstones that come to life, open vaults echoing with the sound of cackling corpses, ghostly figures appearing from nowhere, headless statues and creaking carriages. It's a nice idea and one that will expand the Gloomy Wood theme, which since inception in 1992 has only stayed within the limited confines of the area around Duel.

Events-wise, we've got Towers, Treats and Trails coming up in less than a week, with the Carter's Steam Fair being the main attraction. The next event is scheduled to be the first of several Adrenaline Weeks, running from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd March, the week following opening day. Unlike previous events of this nature, it is taking place during the open season, and all rides are expected to be open except the Dung Heap and the Runaway Mine Train. The park are promising that all guests will get onto Nemesis, Oblivion, Air and Rita at least three times in one day, and if not, they'll get their money back (subject to Terms and Conditions - breakdowns not included, etc.)

Next up is Chocolate Towers, the Easter event which returns for its second year between 31st March and 15th April. Not many details have been released as yet, but it's safe to say that there will be plenty of activities and games at both the park and the hotels, as was the case last year. Some of the highlights will include acrobatic Easter bunnies, a chocolate bungee run, and chocolate-specific menus for those with a sweet tooth.

There's still no firm decision about the Fireworks event which is at this stage very likely to have been cancelled, but the park have once again promised the return of the Halloween event. Whether or not it actually happens is another matter…

And finally, there will be another new pay-per-play golf game this year, scheduled to open in April and situated next to Splash Landings Hotel. The miniature 18-hole course will feature many mini-versions of the park's signature rides and attractions, including Nemesis, Oblivion and the Driving School.

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