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2006 season draws to a close

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Sunday, 5th November 2006 By Dan Ketteringham

Today was the last day of opening for Alton Towers in 2006.

Unlike last year, there will be no Winter Weekends. These were select Saturdays when the park was open for 4 hours with one or maybe two areas of the park open.

That means that between now and the 2007 season kicking off - expected to be February or March - the park can focus solely on maintenance and a general tidy-up.

It's already been confirmed that there will be nothing new next year, although as we've reported the Runaway Mine Train may be given an interactive element during its post-crash closure.

That aside, it's thought that Towers Street will be given a lick of paint and a facelift, with other small changes across the park as well.

However, fear not! The recent planning application for a new wooden roller coaster in 2008 has already been sent to the council (or at least, the first draft). As well as this, the park have applied for a Shoot-the-Chute water ride (similar to Tidal Wave at Alton's sister park, Thorpe Park). Both would go around the old Coaster Corner area of the park, near the Flag Tower. The area has been closed since 1991.

If permission for either ride is granted, then construction would start pretty soon - meaning we could yet see a new construction project to follow during the closed season.

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