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Rita reopens

Park News
Saturday, 23rd September 2006 By Dan Ketteringham

Rita - Queen of Speed is now back up and running, after an incident last weekend took her out of action.

Witnesses of the breakdown described a loud bang as a train launched, followed by a puff of smoke. Engineers were then seen picking out what looked like fragments of metal from inside the launch track.

To have the ride back open in less than a week is definitely good news for the park, following the announcement a few weeks ago that the Runaway Mine Train would be shut until the 2007 season.

This isn't the first major problem to be experienced by Rita since it opened in 2005. In November last year, it was reported that the drum which the launch cable wraps around would need to be replaced before the ride could run again.

However, the replacement drum was damaged during fabrication, so the current drum was repaired for the 2006 season. It is expected to be replaced over the coming winter.

And the other Intamin launched coaster, Stealth at Thorpe Park in Surrey, had to remain closed for almost a month soon after it opened, due to a major breakdown.

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