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Katie's charity rideathon

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Wednesday, 13th September 2006 By Dan Ketteringham

A member of the ATA forums, Katie Hicks, is doing a rideathon for charity next week.

Katie will be riding Nemesis as many times as she can between 10am and 3pm, with no breaks, on Thursday 21st September. The target number of rides is 30 - and Katie will carry on after 3pm if she hasn't reached the target by then.

Alton Towers have a policy of not allowing re-rides - that is, staying on a roller coaster for more than one ride without getting off - for health and safety reasons. So, Katie will be making use of the Single Rider Queue, which will allow her to get on quicker than if she had to join the main queue each time.

The charity ride is in aid of Cancer Research UK and Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, both of whom are special to Katie. She said: "I know lots of people who have been treated/helped by them, and I thought using my interest in coasters to raise funds for them would be a unique idea.

"Lots of people do coaster marathons just for the credits or fun of it, so doing this for charity gives a different spin and can hopefully make a lot of difference to the care the two charities are able to provide."

To support Katie and donate, go to Katie's website.

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