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Runaway Mine Train closed until 2007

Park News
Thursday, 7th September 2006 By Dan Ketteringham

Contradicting earlier reports, it has been announced that the RMT will stay closed until next year.

The ride, which closed following an accident in mid-July, was given the all-clear the following month by the Health and Safety Executive.

However, the damage done to the track and the trains in the crash will take too long to repair satisfactorily for the ride to reopen before the end of this year's open season.

The Park's Head of Technical Services, Terry Dunn, said: "Obviously, health and safety is our most important consideration, and there is still a lot of work to be done to the track following the unfortunate incident earlier this year.

"In addition, we have sent the carriages back to the manufacturer in Germany for a complete refurbishment, which is a time consuming process. We don't want to rush anything, so have decided to delay the re-opening until next season."

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