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Islamic Leisure's private booking cancelled

Park News
Monday, 31st July 2006 By Dan Ketteringham

A Muslim company's private booking of the park during the open season is not now going ahead.

The park was due to be closed to the general public on Sunday, 17th September, because Islamic Leisure had hired the park for the day. It was planned to be a 'Muslim Fun Day', where only halal food was served and no smoking or drinking would be allowed.

In addition, men and women were due to have separate time slots for rides so they could be segregated.

The park has now said that the booking has had to be cancelled. In the staff newsletter, they said: "Alton Towers is disappointed that the planned Family Fun Day on Sunday, September 17 has had to be cancelled.

"This was a private event, but insufficient ticket sales has meant that Islamic Leisure was unable to fulfil its contractual obligations and so have taken the decision to cancel the event at this time."

News of the booking caused outrage in several national newspapers, though both the park and Islamic Leisure had stood firm amongst fierce criticism.

The park will now open as normal on 17th September. The Gaydar Travel private booking on the 30th is still going ahead.

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