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Wednesday, 26th July 2006 By Dan Ketteringham

The galleries have been updated over the past few days with lots of new content.

We visited the park to check out the Great British Bucket and Spade event, and also to see the newly-opened Peugeot 207 Driving School. Not only that, but we've added to other albums too - one of which gives details about the end-of-season fireworks event.

  • Great British Bucket and Spade
    As well as the photos added to the album, we'll be bringing you a review of the event, hopefully with video footage too.

  • Peugeot 207 Driving School
    We take a look at the Driving School, which opened just over a week ago.

  • Black Hole
    With the deconstruction of this classic ride well under way, we've added quite a few photos to the bottom of this album showing the ride being taken apart, prior to it being shipped to another country where it will be reconstructed in a different park.

  • Electric Towers
    The name of this year's fireworks show has been revealed - Electric Towers. It has been confirmed that there will definitely be no official Halloween event - though, like last year, it's likely that the staff will dress up during the Halloween period.

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Condom machines are available in Towers Street, Katanga Canyon, Forbidden Valley and Ug Land.