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Muslim company books park for a day

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Saturday, 1st July 2006 By Dan Ketteringham

The park will be closed to guests paying on the day later this year, as a Muslim company has bought the park for the day.

Tickets for the day in question, Saturday 17th September, are only on sale from Islamic Leisure - a company describing themselves as "an up and coming leisure provider in the UK focusing on the needs of the Muslim community".

A spokesperson for Islamic Leisure, Abid Hussan, said the day was open to all faiths, although Islamic laws would apply. "There will be no smoking, no alcohol and halal food only.

"We're trying to get Muslims to go to this day because they wouldn't normally go somewhere like Alton Towers. We're trying to integrate Muslims into the wider community. People can come down and see the way we live. It will be a peaceful family environment."

It isn't the first time a Muslim group has booked a theme park for a day - Six Flags Great Adventure hosted a Muslim Youth Day in September 2004, although unlike Alton Towers, the park was scheduled to be closed that day anyway.

This news follows on from the news that Gaydar Travel had exclusively booked the park on the weekend of September 30th/October 1st. As with the Muslim event, anybody can pre-book tickets - though the Gaydar days are strictly adults-only.

A spokeswoman for Alton Towers said, "We make no distinction regarding sexuality, religious, ethnic or lifestyle choices."

She confirmed the park would promote the fact that the day had been booked.

She added: "As a general rule, there will be no admission on the day to guests who have not booked through the organisation in advance."

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