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ATA 2006 launches

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Tuesday, 2nd May 2006 By Dan Ketteringham

After months of development, the new ATA is here.

Well, in what has become a rarity, I thought it was time to make a news post to welcome you to the new look 2006 website.

We've been working hard on it since November time, and we're quite pleased with what has been accomplished. We wanted to go back to basics, back to the colour scheme that made ATA instantly recognisable as the Internet's Number 1 Alton Towers Unofficial site, and I think we have achieved that.

We have reintroduced silly things like trip tips and calenders of how busy the park is at certain times to try and give us that edge over the other sites out there.

The trouble is that in the years that ATA sat idle, the other websites continued to flourish and raised the bar even higher. However I have a sneaking suspicion we may have just raised it again.

Anyway - me and Dan are going to go and spray each other with champaign or something :-)


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