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Halloween 2006 details

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Wednesday, 12th April 2006 By Dan Ketteringham

More information on this year's Halloween event have been released, and it looks to be a cracker.

A booklet available at Guest Services brings news that will be music to the ears for the park's fans - Terror of the Towers returns. Its full name is "Terror of the Towers III", in deference to the fact that it will be the third year the park has run the haunted walkthrough maze. The attraction was last seen in 2003, and prior to that in 2002. Halloween was set to be a full-scale event last year but was hastily downsized at the last minute owing to the ongoing court case between the park and the Ropers.

Something which sounds like it has the potential to be amazing is Midnight in the Garden of Evil (a slightly over-the-top title, yes, but nevertheless…). Whether the attraction genuinely will be in the Gardens themselves, or just near the Towers, remains to be seen.

Also mentioned in the booklet was the Hex story, which was used as the basis for the 2000 firework show. How this will play a part this year was not expanded on.

In wording reminiscent of the press release describing how the 2005 Halloween would have been had it gone ahead, the booklet also details what's in store for younger guests. To quote, it says there will be "a bubbling cauldron of trickery and treats" and "puppet shows, mini mazes and deliciously-spooky storytelling".

The return of the full Halloween experience looks to be happening in style…

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