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Chocolate Towers gets underway

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Saturday, 8th April 2006 By Dan Ketteringham

It's the start of the two week Easter Extravaganza at Alton Towers today.

Chocolate Towers sees the resort transformed, with many different activities going on across the park and the hotels.

There are things such as Chocuvious, the chocolate volcano which will be erupting with Cadbury's Heroes twice daily (12pm and just before ride close). Or maybe you'll be interested in seeing the larger-than-life showgirls the Chocoholic Follies, who will be performing in the Cred Street Theatre during the day and then again at the hotels in the evening.

For a full list of what to expect, see our earlier news item on the event. Also, check out our gallery showing preparations for the event - we'll be updating it in the days to come.

Those planning a visit to the park should be warned, however - expect it to be extremely busy during the event, which runs from April 8th to 23rd.

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