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Peugeot Driving School confirmed

Park News
Saturday, 4th March 2006 By Dan Ketteringham

The new ride to replace Vintage Cars has been officially confirmed by Alton Towers.

The Peugeot Driving School, first revealed here on November 3rd last year, has been mentioned in the park's staff newsletter.

It confirms what had been rumoured - that the ride will be sponsored by Peugeot, and that it will have a July opening.

It is rumoured that the delay in announcing the new ride was due to the contract negotiation - Peugeot apparently wanted to have an all-year-round mini car showroom in Cred Street, and the park did not.

As part of the sponsorship, the cars themselves will be mini-versions of the Peugeot 207, will have extra bumpers and be battery operated. The article stated that the ride will cost £800,000 to construct.

Head of Development, Mark Kerrigan said "in custom-made cars, the kids will be able to take to the highways on their first ever solo road trip. It'll be great fun - they'll choose their own route negotiating cross roads, traffic lights, roundabouts and signposts along the way.

"It'll be a very imaginative experience - there's even the option for the kids to get their own driving license!"

Other features mentioned include a Car Wash, a zebra crossing with giant hedgehogs, a lollypop lady who "tends to melt in the sun", and something called CrowNav in case the drivers get lost…

There will also be an advanced drivers section where the children will put their new skills to the test in a slalom-type challenge.

The article was accompanied by two artist's impressions of the ride - we've uploaded them to the ATA galleries.

This addition, along with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Ride, will surely help reinvigorate Cred Street this year.

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