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'Chocolate Towers' update

Park News
Friday, 20th January 2006 By Dan Ketteringham

Here's the latest news on the chocolate-themed Easter event being held this year.

The event, named 'Chocolate Towers', now has an official starting date - Saturday, April 8th 2006.

As we reported in December, the event is scheduled to last for two weeks, running up to and including Friday 21st. Towers Street will be redecorated in "sparkling purples and chocolate browns", to resemble a giant chocolate box. At the bottom of the street will be the chocolate volcano that was rumoured to make an appearance - and it's been dubbed "Choc-uvious". Apparently it will 'erupt' several times a day, with thousands of chocolates for the guests who are nearby at the time!

Fountain Square, the area inbetween Hex and Ug Land, is to be renamed "Chocolate Square" for the duration of the event, and it will be the main area for all the chocolate-related happenings. This makes sense as it is often used for alternative purposes - for example, Peugeot display its cars there for a certain period each season. There will be a stage there which will host the "Chocoholic Follies" show girls (a nod to the Ziegfeld Follies).

As predicted, the Hotels will be joining in the fun too. There will be a "Time Out Lounge" (guess the sponsor…!), where you will be able to enjoy such delights as chocolate cocktails, and apparently even lick chocolate body paint off the resident models.

Other Hotel events will include performances from the previously mentioned Chocoholic Follies, and also from the 'Candy Pops'. There will be a chocolate casino; presumably just the current games room/s being given a temporary redecoration. Finally, there will be chocolate beach balls in Cariba Creek. It remains to be seen if the original idea of renaming it "Cocoa Creek" will go ahead.

Source: Staff Newsletter

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