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The year ahead - 2006 park information

Park News
Thursday, 5th January 2006 By Dan Ketteringham

The park issued two press releases today, giving away some new information on the coming season.

Reading inbetween all the PR-speak, the most important information is that the price of tickets will change again this year. Adult tickets will rise from last year's £29.00 to £29.50, whilst child tickets will drop from £21.00 to £19.00.

It is expected that you will be able to purchase your tickets a fair bit cheaper through the official Alton Towers website, with prices starting at £23.00 and £16.00 respectively.

Also mentioned is the new for 2006 ride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. According to the releases, it will cost £8 million, which is nearly double what had originally been reported. In fact, it puts the ride on a par with Rita - Queen of Speed in terms of cost!

The release referred to the attraction as "Charlie and the Chocolate Factoryâ: The Ride", signifying that the full name of the attraction could well have "the ride" tagged on the end.

In describing the 'great glass elevator' part of the ride, the phrase "revolutionary, military-quality simulator technology" was used, so guests can expect something very immersive.

Mention was also made of "new suites" in the Alton Towers Hotel, so perhaps we can expect the Celebration Suite (also known as the Chocolate Suite) to be revamped to more closely tie it in to the new ride.

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