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Rumours of new Alton Towers Hotel

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Thursday, 1st February 2001 By Steve Taylor

Once again, rumours are rife of a new Alton Towers Hotel.

Following the massive success of the current hotel built in 1996, it seems that plans are in the pipeline to build a brand new hotel in the park. Conflicting rumours suggest that the hotel will be built either on the vacant land to the left of the current hotel, or on land to the rear of the Haunted House.

It is said that the new complex will feature extra facilities to accommodate weddings and conferences, along with a health suite including a larger pool with flumes, a spa, and health and beauty treatments.

Alton Towers already has the accolade of being the only U.K. theme park with an on-site hotel, and another hotel will only serve to increase the number of visitors to the park.

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