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Easter to become huge event

Park News
Sunday, 18th December 2005 By Dan Ketteringham

The park are planning on making Easter into a large event next year, and possibly the years following.

As we exclusively revealed on our CCF Micro Site back in November, the park are looking at running an event tentatively named Chocolate Towers.

The event, which is still at concept stage, aims to attract a large volume of visitors to the park at the start of the year, rather than the end-of-year Fireworks celebrations. This is no doubt an attempt to make up for revenue lost when the fireworks nights were cut down to just 3 per year.

"This will be on a massive scale," said Head of Brand Marketing Tracy Burton. "The ultimate goal is for our guests to automatically link Easter with Alton Towers, spread the word and return for the celebration year after year."

The event is currently proposed to last for 2 weeks, and some of the ideas for the event currently are:

  • Choco-wrestling
  • A chocolate erupting Volcano
  • A chocolate priory for guests overcome by the volume of chocolate
  • The alternative Easter sports day including oompa-loompa tossing
  • A concert by 70's group Hot Chocolate
  • A zip wire for romantic Milk Tray delivery to loved ones (first seen at this year's Playstation 2 Freedom Weekender)
  • A lighting effect/food dye to give the illusion that the water element of all rides is chocolate
The Hotels are also looking to be involved in the event. Cariba Creek could be renamed "Cocoa Creek" for the duration, and other possibilities are oompa-loompa characters and chocolate fountains.

Source: Staff Newsletter

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