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Wanted - Miss Alton Towers 2006

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Saturday, 19th November 2005 By Dan Ketteringham

A model recruitment website is advertising for Miss Alton Towers 2006.

The casting is nationwide, so you don't have to live nearby to enter.

The winner crowned Miss Alton Towers will qualify for Miss England 2006, for a chance to compete in Miss World.

The National Live Final is to be held on Friday 19th May 2006.

The requirements for entry are:

  • Girls must be aged 17-24 years
  • Must not have posed topless for any photos
  • Must be a British Citizen and live in England
  • Must not be married or had a child
If you are interested in applying, visit this website. There may not be long left to apply, so hurry! Especially if your name is Rita, because frankly, the irony would be immense.

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