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Sunday, 7th November 2004 By Dan Ketteringham

With the park now closed for the winter, let's have a look at some of the things happening at Alton Towers during the closed season.

After many seasons on park, the Black Hole is going to close forever on March 5th. Those wanting to get their final rides on the coaster will have to stay in one of the Hotels between New Year and March, to be able to ride the coaster on a Winter Weekend.

Project Rita is now almost ready for steelwork to be put in place. The ride is scheduled to be officially "launched" on March 30th 2005, a full 18 days after open day. This is to give the park time to iron out any bugs with the new coaster while the general public are largely unaware of its existence.

Finally, as expected, Alton Towers lost their court hearing on the Noise Abatement Order, but they have indicated their intention to appeal. If they fail, the park will have to find ways to significantly decrease noise levels on park by mid-2005.

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