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Launched roller coaster confirmed

Park News
Friday, 8th October 2004 By Dan Ketteringham

As ATA reported some time ago, Ug Land is set to receive a brand new roller coaster for 2005.

Russell Barnes, the current General Manager of Alton Towers, has confirmed that the new coaster will be an Intamin launched coaster. Yet to be confirmed is the codename for the project, but one source believes it to be codenamed "Rita".

At present, Ug Land is closed and will remain shut for the remainder of the open season. Corkscrew will be open on select days, with the queue line temporarily re-routed into Cred Street.

The opening of the new ride is being pushed forward to March 2005. Let's hope Alton Towers don't sacrifice quality in the rush to be ready on time!

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