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Park slammed by BBC

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Monday, 25th August 2003 By Chris Bennett

A BBC programme highlighting the "worst days out in Britain" has named Alton Towers as the worst of all.

The programme, which was aired at 8:30pm on Thursday, August 14th, sent a family to the park to evaluate value for money, and how much enjoyment they got. The report, which was somewhat biased against the park, found that queue times were unacceptable, as were the amount of ride breakdowns, and as a consequence the family did not enjoy their day at all.

In a press release, Alton Towers responded by apologising to the family for their poor day out, yet remained defiant about the high quality of their standards and services.

The TV report, shown at prime time, has surely put the park on the defensive. In recent days, the park trialled a "throughput day", whereby all ride operators were allowed access to unlimited staff to help them in an effort to reduce queue times.

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