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Memory Bank appeal

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Monday, 24th January 2005 By Dan Ketteringham

Alton Towers are considering the creation of an "Alton Towers Memory Bank", and they need your help.

The park are looking for as much on park/ride footage as possible, and in particular, "personal experience" footage - e.g., showing family members and/or friends having a great time whilst enjoying their day at the theme park. It doesn't matter if the footage is recent or old, it's all suitable.

How the footage will be used on the park is yet to be decided, but they have made it clear that any footage used will gain a reward for the person who sent it!

If you are able to help please contact us at We are able to take footage in digital formats, VHS, miniDV or 8mm camcorder tape formats. We will do our best to return everything that you require returning. If you want to send digital files that are more than a few MB it would be more practical to post them on a CD/DVD.

Hopefully we'll be able to gather together plenty of footage to pass onto the park, so let us know if you can help and we will pass on addresses to send footage to.

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