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Alton Towers new coaster gets a name

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Tuesday, 15th May 2001 By Steve Taylor

John Wardley, imagineer at Alton Towers, has announced what we believe to be the name of Alton Towers new rollercoaster for 2002.

What we have been referring to as SW5 (Secret Weapon 5) can now be called "Air".

Of course, looking at the massive advertising for the coaster going on in the park at the moment, its difficult to see why we didn't catch on earlier, with the coaster being of the flying variety.

An unusual kind of name for the ride, but simple and to the point. We don't know 100% if this is the final name for the ride, but we don't see why a name would be released if it wasn't the real one, although stranger things have happened with the Alton Towers PR machine.

Source: Rideas

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