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Get ready to ROAR

Park News
Friday, 1st June 2001 By Steve Taylor

The summer special events season gets under way on Monday 4th June with the start of ROAR.

The idea of the event is to enjoy riding the six most thrilling rides in the park, and afterwards be rewarded with a specially mixed compact disc.

To claim your CD, you must ride Oblivion, Nemesis, Black Hole, Corkscrew, Ripsaw and the new ride for 2001, Submission.

Also in the park will be a resident DJ, mixing it up in the ROAR arena.

Are you willing to take the challenge? If so, visit the park from 4th - 15th June. Note that this event is included in the cost of your admission.

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Ride the back on Nemesis, and get a really forceful ride.