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Corkscrew open for business

Park News
Monday, 25th June 2001 By Steve Taylor

We have been informed by Alton Towers that the investigation in the Corkscrew failure has been completed, and the coaster is now running as normal.

It has been confirmed that a minor technical fault caused the train to stop between the two corkscrew elements, although the train was not inverted at the time. All the passengers were removed from the ride, and looked after by trained staff. It has been confirmed that there were no injuries, and everyone was able to walk away from the ride safely.

We have managed to obtain a photograph showing the stricken Corkscrew on Sunday afternoon.

In the picture, you can see the train sitting in the bottom of the two corkscrew elements, with the back of the train partly in the first corkscrew, and the front of the train partly in the second corkscrew.

Thanks to Mark Stone for sending us this picture.

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