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Freedom Weekender begins

Park News
Thursday, 1st September 2005 By Dan Ketteringham

Today is the start of the four-day PlayStation 2 Freedom Weekender event at the park.

There will be plenty do do and see at the park from now until the end of Sunday, and that's as well as the attractions that are usually to be found!

These are some of the things that should be happening:

  • Sumo wrestling with your mates
  • Zip rope across the lake
  • Human Jukebox
  • 'Free to Speed' tuning garage
  • Rope maze
  • SingStar competition, with chances to win some top PlayStation 2 goodies
  • Get carried around the park on a luxury sedan chair
  • Space-hopper racing challenge
  • Plenty of PlayStation 2 giveaways
In addition to the PlayStation event, McFly have taken over Nemesis for the time being, to promote their new album. The ride is adorned with McFly stickers, there are banners around the area, and even the soundtrack has been replaced by a McFly playlist (some might argue that it's now more eerie than it was before…).

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