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Enjoy the many features we have to offer, including multimedia, downloads, and our broad range of photography.

  • Multimedia
    Lots of downloads including desktop accessories, videos and audio files.
  • Maps & Guides
    See park maps and guide books from over the years.
  • Access All Areas
    See Alton Towers from behind-the-scenes in our exclusive galleries.
  • Aerial Photography
    See Alton Towers from a unique viewpoint.
  • Night Photography
    Alton Towers takes on a completely different atmosphere as night falls.
  • Winter Photography
    Photographs from the closed seasons over the years.
  • Featured Articles
    If you want to read our reviews of special events, and other articles relating to Alton Towers, then you've come to the right place.
  • Construction Archive
    The construction of several Alton Towers rides are followed in these galleries.
  • Polls
    Vote in our latest poll, or take a look at the results of previous ones.
  • Nemesis Comic Book
    An illustrated fantasy comic that was published at the same time as Nemesis opened in 1994.
  • Ride Certificates
    These rare certificates cost around 50p on exiting the rides in the late 1980s, and were signed (printed) by John Broome.
  • Christmas Cards
    Official Christmas cards sent by the park.
  • External Links
    Take a look at our pick of the web's best sites about Alton Towers, and theme parks in general.