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Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Congo River Rapids

Why have you made this web site?

At the time when this site was first launched (May 2000), there were just a handful of unofficial web sites about Alton Towers, some of them good, some of them not so good. We decided that we would try and create the ultimate web guide to the park, and try and include everything we could find out about the park.

Do you work for Alton Towers?

No, we don't. Everyone who is involved in creating this site have full-time jobs not related to Alton Towers, or theme parks. We are just ordinary Alton Towers visitors.

How do you get all your information?

We have a number of people who help us out occasionally. We know people who work at the park, who we sometimes contact, but the vast majority of the information comes from other park visitors, and what we know already.

Can you help me with my site?

If you need help with your web site, then you already know how much hard work goes into it. We are constantly working on new features for this web site, which doesn't give us any time to play a part in other sites.

How often do you go to Alton Towers?

We usually visit the park 2 to 3 times a month, to get new photographs, and sometimes new video clips.

I've submitted a ride review, but it hasn't appeared on the site. Why is this?

If you've only just submitted the review, then it may just be a case of waiting a day or so. Every single ride review is read by the team before publishing, so it might be that none of us have got round to looking at it. However, it may be that we feel the review is unsuitable for putting on the site. For example, short reviews lacking in detail are usually the first to be thrown away, as they don't really help new visitors get a feel for what the ride is about. So if you submit "OMG i loved nem!!!!!!!" it will not make the site. Also, things such as requests or other non-review material will also be deleted. Write something of medium to long length, make it interesting and informative, and for goodness sakes don't use text speak!

I like the videos you have got, but why aren't there any on-ride videos, so I can see what they are like for someone riding them?

On-ride videos are extremely difficult and time consuming to make. Permission is required from the park management, and must be set up using professional video equipment, and properly secured to the ride. This is not possible with the equipment we use, and we do not have the funds to have professional video made. Please remember it is extremely dangerous to you and people around the ride if you use your camera/video equipment or mobile phones on any rides.