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Special Thanks to the Following People

  • Alton Towers
    Thanks to everyone at the park for the extra help they have given us in bringing this site to you. You are all very good people. They have given us permission to reproduce old park photographs, maps and guides.
  • Sunflower Books
    Sunflower Books publish touring and walking guidebooks to fifty popular holiday destinations in Europe. They have helped us compile certain features on the site, and allowed us to use their own collection of images and we are grateful for their assistance.
    Please note that Sunflower Books no longer publish a guide to Alton Towers.
  • Ladybird Books
    We are very grateful to the people at Ladybird/Penguin Books, for giving us permission to reproduce photographs that were taken for their guide book to Alton Towers called 'Discovering Alton Towers' by Malcolm McIntosh (© Ladybird Books 1988)

Extra Special Thanks go out to These People

  • Bob Hooley
  • Elaine Hooley
  • Brian Jones
  • John Phillips
  • tiger2000
  • Marlowe
  • The Ancient Mariner
  • Marcus

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  • Robert Krzyszowski
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