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Tuesday 24th July 2001

Team Extreme replaces the usual Summer Spectacular for 2001, with the group performing several times a day over the two week period.

After a bit of a warm up attempt by a particularly loud member of the Alton Towers staff, the team joined on the half-pipe ramp which was supposedly larger than the usual one they use.

The team then proceed to perform tricks and stunts based around their particular extreme sports style, with members of the team on snake boards, in-line skates and even bikes.

A few impressive stunts are performed during the 15 minute show, and the compere does his best to try and get the audience involved by getting them to clap in unison to wind up the members to get them to do even higher air tricks.

A few of the tricks involve more than one team member, with them all on the ramp together. Not a good thing if one of them was to fall.

The display is what you would expect from this kind of extreme sports display team, and is a good few minutes entertainment should you be passing by when the show is about to start, but given the high queue times at this time of year, I would rather spend my entrance fee on the rides.

This being said, the show does draw large crowds, so get there a few minutes early to get a good view. The best place to stand is at the bottom of Towers Street on the grass island.

Steve Taylor