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Pirates of the Apocalypse

Saturday 5th August 2000

The Summer Spectacular, is a show performed by the Royal Marines Commandos, and started last year. The show takes place on the lake, promising spectacular stunts and explosions.

Four grandstands had been set up around the lake, with signs stating that anyone who stood there would get very wet. In the middle of the lake was a pirate ship, built in a similar style to the theming around Forbidden Valley, made to look post-apocalyptic.

After taking our seats, the music started, and a voice came over the PA system, stating that the lagoon had been invaded by a ship, and all civilians should report to the shore and await further instructions.Two people were then picked from the audience, and instructed that they would be lookouts on either side of the lake. These people were quite obviously planted, as would soon become clear. The plants, sorry people then climbed up two high towers on the banks of the lake. Then the "scouts" went out onto the lake.

The pirates then came out of the ship. The pirates shot down the lookouts from their towers, and they fell to the ground. Then a couple of jet ski's came out onto the lake, for reasons unknown, as they just seemed to do a couple of laps around the lake, then disappear. Boats then collected more people, and took them out to the boat. A fight then takes place on the ship, with swords, people falling into the lake, and one chap even gets set on fire.There are a couple of explosions on the lake.

While this is taking place, a monster appears from the lake. You see only its tentacles moving on the sides of the ship. Realising they need to fight off the monster, the two sides join forces, and using flame throwers, kill the monster.
The two groups, now friends get into boats, and rejoice in their battle, waving flags, and waving to the crowds of people on the shore.

All in all, the show is a good addition to the days events at the park. The shows takes place almost every day during August, so don't expect it to be as spectacular as the fireworks show. The show is targeted at the younger visitors, rather than the adults, but it is a good half hour or so of entertainment.

Steve Taylor