Reviews for Battle Galleons

I had completely forgotten about the new Mutiny Bay, and on my way from Oblivion to Duel I passed Battle Galleons, which looked awfully good fun. So me and my mates decided to have quick go, which turned into hours of constant riding! I was very wet, and now 6 hours later, I'm still wet.
With all the big coasters they have at Alton Towers, it can be easy to dismiss this ride... but to do so would be crazy, as this was definitely one of the highlights of a great day up at the Towers. It's definitely best to enter into the spirit of the attraction and leave behind anything that will keep you dry - this is all about getting soaked, so those people wearing waterproofs are just playing games!
Mike Dodds
Such a fantastic ride. It's so fun and you get soaked. Don't miss out this ride, you will love it!
Woah! You will get soaked on this ride! A good addition to Alton Towers, and nicely themed to fit in with the new area. Would definitely recommend a warm, dry day for this one... however it's still fun on a cold, overcast day... just not fun in the wet clothes afterwards! (But that's why we go on water rides is it not?!)
Rich Holmes
Prepare to get soaked... this ride will leave you drenched! A fantastic, family-fun water ride - the main peak of 'Mutiny Bay'. Not only can the riders shoot water at each other, but the guests can also shoot water back at them! A kids' favourite.
Chris Sawyer