Reviews for Haunted Hollow

I think it's great. If you want to enjoy it, forget about what you've heard and think of it as a walkthrough. Not only is it a good shortcut, but during the Scarefest event, live actors and mist make it even better. Have an open mind.
Not one to go out of your way to see. It needs to be further developed to pull any crowds - disappointing!
I must say that I thought this attraction was very disappointing. There is not much to look at and it certainly doesn't give you the impression that it is haunted. A lot more work is needed, I feel, to make this attraction a hit - but I'm sure that given time, Alton Towers will do that.
I wasn't expecting all that much from 'Haunted Hollow', but I have to say, I was impressed by what I saw. The hearse feature, where you can pose for a photograph is a fun addition, and the skeleton hologram and the 'mirror' crypt type thing are nice touches. Maybe visiting this pathway on a bright sunny day, when the foliage is still growing isn't the best idea, but on a dull, gloomy day, later in the season, I'm sure it will have more atmosphere. I can't wait to see how Towers utilise the pathway during the Halloween event this season, as I'm sure it could be used very, very well to create a great live action walkthrough attraction.
Rich Holmes