Reviews for The New Beast

Having rode this coaster many times it was the original Black Hole when 2 trains were together, and the Black Hole had a complete revamp and used single trains.
Steve Moreton
I remember this was one of the only "thrill" rides I could go on when I first went to Alton Towers. While big bro an sis went on the Thunder Looper, I went on this with my grandad - who was 58 at the time. The last corner was awesome! Good times!
Ahh, what a ride! This old classic was, for years, my favourite ride. On one occasion, it broke down with me on it! As time and technology moved on, I got bored of this ride. I was quite upset when they removed it. Air, which takes its place, is good but not a classic like the Beast.
Dave Collins
Ahhh a classic of a ride was the Beast. I can still remember queuing down along the side of the stone wall, next to where Air is today, and waiting my turn. It was a long spiral climb up to the top, and the first drop was amazing. The ride lasted a good length of time, and I always remember the brake run, with someone sat in a sort of caravan building pulling a lever to activate the brakes - which were very vicious! Sadly missed.
Gary Holcombe