Reviews for Space Boat

The main thing I remember about this ride was as an eleven year old standing in the snaking queue waiting to go on the ride, and when the boat went upside down above you, all riders' loose change and contents of their pockets would tend to fall out and rain on the people in the queue. I also remember the ride having those bars which came forward and crunched you in the groin, as opposed to the over-the-head restraints. Proper scary ride from what I remember... happy days indeed!
M Holmes
I remember riding the Space Boat in the mid eighties, although I seem to remember it being located where Submission is now, and replaced the Gravitron ride. The Space Boat at Alton Towers was a more thrilling ride than the one I rode in Blackpool Pleasure Beach the same year, because it didn't have any bars to hold onto except the ones above your head... so that just like Submission, you were held in place with a lap cushion. Other rides like this usually had grab bars for your hands.
David Hockey