Reviews for Gravitron

This was one of my faves as a student. As you 'floated' up the wall, you could try and stick your arms out into the middle, which was really hard to do. As soon as you relaxed, they'd slap back onto your chest. My contact lenses would wobble about, and tears of laughter would streak up your forehead. I remember singing the Banana Splitz theme tune with a bunch of strangers on here!
If you'd like to try this ride, it's located in Pleasure Island at Cleethorps... still called Gravitron, too!
David Hockey
When I rode this, I remember standing in a room, not being able to see outside. I could feel the G-Force pulling me to the walls (which were at a slight angle). Me and my friend were climbing up the walls, then the walls slid up and I bumped my head on the top of the rests. Great theming and ideas for a sticky wall.